Steam Whistle Brewery Wedding

Occasionally, in life you meet couples who have a very quiet confidence about their relationship. They’re the couple who “just gets” one another without needing to put their love on display. That’s the type of romance I saw between Emma and Tom during their engagement session as well as their wedding day.
They’re the type of couple who challenges me to be more observant. Their moments of affection are very sincere and sweet but they also happen when no one else seems to be looking. They’re the couple who flirts with one another whilst everyone else is busy watching slides on the jumbo screen or giving a speech.
Emma and Tom are a very special couple who have clearly earned their place with their friends and family. It takes an exceptional couple to round up 20+ friends to join their immediate wedding party but they had a bus full of friends happy to celebrate their love.
Beyond their friendships and stolen moments with one another, Emma and Tom have a family who clearly loves them both very much. I can’t say I cry at weddings very often but I couldn’t help but choke back a few tears during the Mother-Son Dance. To date, the photo of Tom with his mother is one of my favourites. There’s no feeling quite like the bitter-sweetness of seeing a child you raised grow into an amazing adult…while also having to let them go and start their own legacy.

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Lourdes
Party Venue: Steam Whistle Brewing
Florist: Mint and Magnolia Floral Design
Hair and Makeup: Fancy Face Inc.
Catering: Barque Events

Toronto City Hall Wedding

Tall, slender and impeccably dressed, Dione approached me in her favourite coffee shop downtown.  We agreed to meet on a chilly afternoon and talk about her wedding next year.  The more she told me, the bigger my smile grew!  I seem to be a magnet for long-distance romance stories and this one falls uniquely into place.  With a smile on her face, Dione told me all about John - an accomplished professional, living in New York, who has a weakness for PC gaming. I can see why they are a wonderful compliment to one another.  On first glance, Dione may seem shy and demure but she is playful, funny and very charming.  Making friends comes naturally to her which must be why she enjoys going out dancing so much!

Although Dione and John are having their big wedding in 2018, they decided that before the big party takes place, it would be nice to have a quiet ceremony.  They've chosen to begin married life by taking more than one leap as (later this year) they will be moving to England.  I felt very honored to be there to document their more intimate elopement in Toronto before we photograph the big bash next year!

Our first destination, on the beautiful April day, was the Toronto City Hall.  There I had the chance to meet some of the couple's closest friends and relatives as they said their "I do's":

Once I got Dione and John alone, it didn't take long for the shenanigans to begin.  It all started with a simple zipper check that left us in near-tears with laughter!

Once you have a few laughs about a fly being down, it really sets a nice and lighthearted tone for the session.  We got to do a bit of dancing and crack a few more jokes about who can headbutt whom the hardest.  Can you tell that silly people are my favourite? ;-)

Not only are Dione and John an absolute joy to have spent an hour with, they are also incredibly sweet to one another.  There was an air of genuine happiness in their presence.  The day (having started out cloudy) seemed to have warmed and brightened up just in time!  Dione looked perfectly in her spring element with her elegant lilac dress.

I cannot express enough gratitude that such a wonderful couple has found my photography service.  Their genuine personalities and good nature made my time with them feel like anything but work.  

John and Diane, I wish you all the best in your marriage and I can't wait to see you again in 2018!

All my Love,

First Venue: Toronto City Hall
Second Venue: Osgoode Hall

Toronto Distillery District Wedding

Their lives started out on opposite sides of the globe but somehow, destiny brought them together.  After meeting one another, Danielle and Scott spent the next few years moving their relationship between his home in Australia and her home in Canada.   As a couple, they were so sweet I almost got a toothache.  It was clear why the distance, once separating them, was only meant to prepare them for the closeness they would create in the years to come.

On a Friday evening, an intimate group of friends and family gathered at the Toronto Christmas Market to watch this gorgeous couple take their vows of marriage.  The warmth of candlelight and feel-good holiday vibes made Cluny Bistro the perfect setting for a winter wedding.

Tears of joy were shed by many and then those tears turned into complete and utter happiness! 
We made our way to the iconic Love sign where the couple braved below-freezing weather for their portraits.  Still floating on the adrenaline of the beautiful ceremony, their loving interactions and happy smiles kept the frostbite away. On our portrait adventure, we walked through a cloud of compliments from visitors of the Distillery District.  Everyone had their eyes on the beautiful bride!

Getting to know the wedding party was a blast!  Danielle and Scott's friends were as charming and funny as one can only hope.  Scott's groomsmen flew all the way from Australia to razz him about being "good...but not great..." at a lot of things.  Danielle has an entourage of her own:  elegant girlfriends, ones who clearly adore her for how beautiful, encouraging, educated and nerdy she is.  She's their go-to girl for deep discussions about the String Theory.

There were many tender moments and just as many silly and hilarious moments! But…nothing beat Danielle's stories of how she knew she was in love and how she knew Scott was The One.  She knew she loved him when, several months into dating, she found his hilarious Facebook letter to POM Wonderful.  Through his deep love of their fruit juice, Scott couldn't look past their outrageous 25% price hike.  Only a world-wide pomegranate crisis would justify such a financial leap.

When Scott moved to Canada, their bond strengthened when taking walks home after work.  Having heard all the horror stories of Canadian winters, Scott bought himself a proper winter jacket.  Although Danielle made fun of Scott's huge jacket, she soon found herself at the mercy of karma.  Day after day, Danielle under-dressed for the frigid weather and each time, Scott chivalrously offered his jacket, never complaining of having to walk home in a t-shirt.  If you were to see Scott's expression as Danielle retold the story of how she knew he was The One, you would see that each word accentuated how much she truly means to him.  

Danielle and Scott, thank you for the honour of welcoming me at such a special day in your lives.  I wish you nothing but the best as you begin your lives together!  May you never experience a pomegranate shortage. 

Venue: Cluny Bistro

Officiant: Kim Adeney