Before You Give Up on Your Fashion Sense, Stop and Read This!

Let me tell you about Carling!  She is one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of meeting in 2016.  The first thing I noticed when we met is how well dressed she is.  Rightfully so, as she is the mastermind behind Through Her Style, a lifestyle blog that heavily focuses on fashion!


I can hold my own in what I've affectionately nicknamed the Val Uniform; a Mark Zuckerberg-like attire consisting of 3-quarter Adidas tights and black turtlenecks.  I have a closet full of both.  

Beyond that, "getting dressed" becomes an anxiety-ridden episode of me running around the house, whirlwinding clothes everywhere and yelling at my skinny jeans for being...get this...too skinny.  

I'm very creative in many ways but putting together stylish outfits is not one of them.  That's where Carling comes in....


Her blog is a great place for the style-challenged (such as myself) to get some great ideas!  She has a way of putting together interesting pieces of clothing and making them look fun, fresh and city-chic.  

Perhaps, like myself, your passion for your work and family has taken up all of your attention and put you out of touch with fashion.  Then again, maybe not.  Maybe you are that stylish city babe and you're just looking for some more ideas on what to wear to your engagement photoshoot.  


Whatever the case may be, don't miss out on Through Her Style!  It's a great source for lifestyle fashion, beauty and travel!

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