Cute as a Button

Somewhere between the time we anxiously prepare the rooms of our soon-to-be-born children and a moments blink, they grow up.  They go from being adorable, little people-blobs to personalities with interests and preferences.  

When Zana's beautiful mom reached out to me to document her daughter's 2nd birthday party, I was excited.  Two year olds are some of my favourite people in the world!  They have no filter and no sense of self consciousness.  From the moment they wake up, they just wanna party and that's the vibe I'm all about! When I first met Zana, the first thing she showed me was her favourite place to take photos and her best dance moves. Once we did a bit of dancing and Zana finished posing for some of the formal family portraits with her grandparents, we took a play break so she could show me her favourite toys. The best part of the day was getting to see Zana's amazing personality!  She called me over to let me know that (now that she's a sophisticated 2 year old) she goes to the big potty. She's also really good at getting the party started!  I wish I knew how to get a room full of people to chant my name as I bust out some of my best moves. Plus, she is SO funny, I spent most of the time snort-laughing behind my camera!

Once all was said and done, it was time to get Zana into her party outfit, which proved to be a job for 3 people and a lollipop. Zana finally got to blow out her candles but not before sneaking a swipe of the frosting!

My dearest Zana, I hope you enjoy being a free spirited two year old!  Please, never change! :-)

A Boy and His Dogs

The arrival of a first child is monumental!  When a biological baby comes along, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that you're finally a mom or dad.  What some forget is that a lot of us have fur-babies before our own children are born.  They're sweet, little souls who are often practice babies as we settle into a life that's stable enough for the real deal.  

I first met Anastassia in my neighbourhood, years ago - back when (Dachshund) Angel was her only baby.  Seeing as how Angel and my Rottie took a real liking to one another, Anastassia and I chatted while the dogs played.  Over the years we'd run into each other at dog parks.  One day, Anastassia had a surprise with her: a brand new (Rottie-mix) puppy named Aurora and a pregnant belly!

When little Imari was finally born, I felt it was an honour to photograph him!  He is the absolute cutest puddin-pop I've seen in ages!

Being mindful of the baby and dog dynamic, I made sure to ask how the dogs are with Imari.  The bad news is the dogs are no longer the babies.  The good news is they don't seem to mind at all.  In fact, they love Imari and have settled into their nanny roles very comfortably.

All puppers aside, I spent most of my time fussing over how adorable Imari is.  His powdery baby smell and adorable coos were absolutely heart melting.  If he's this much of a lady-killer now, I can only imagine the trail of broken hearts he's sure to leave, some day...