Steam Whistle Brewery Wedding

Occasionally, in life you meet couples who have a very quiet confidence about their relationship. They’re the couple who “just gets” one another without needing to put their love on display. That’s the type of romance I saw between Emma and Tom during their engagement session as well as their wedding day.
They’re the type of couple who challenges me to be more observant. Their moments of affection are very sincere and sweet but they also happen when no one else seems to be looking. They’re the couple who flirts with one another whilst everyone else is busy watching slides on the jumbo screen or giving a speech.
Emma and Tom are a very special couple who have clearly earned their place with their friends and family. It takes an exceptional couple to round up 20+ friends to join their immediate wedding party but they had a bus full of friends happy to celebrate their love.
Beyond their friendships and stolen moments with one another, Emma and Tom have a family who clearly loves them both very much. I can’t say I cry at weddings very often but I couldn’t help but choke back a few tears during the Mother-Son Dance. To date, the photo of Tom with his mother is one of my favourites. There’s no feeling quite like the bitter-sweetness of seeing a child you raised grow into an amazing adult…while also having to let them go and start their own legacy.

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Lourdes
Party Venue: Steam Whistle Brewing
Florist: Mint and Magnolia Floral Design
Hair and Makeup: Fancy Face Inc.
Catering: Barque Events