7 Reasons You Should Document a Day in Your Life

Documentary family photography is a newer genre in the photography world.  Most families are used to traditional portrait sessions.  Those are ones families think of booking at a special time in their lives or during holiday events.  But what about the magical moments that happen every day?  There are so many and they are so raw and special.  Here are some great reasons why you should book a documentary family photography session in your environment:

1. You'll Have Quality Time Together

Documentary style family photography focuses on one important factor: showing how much your family loves one another.  The whole experience is very relaxed and geared toward capturing real and authentic moments.  These may be the moments when a child grabs moms hand for comfort.  It might be the cute way they crinkle their nose when dad makes a funny joke.  During the session, you're not expected to pose or look at the camera.  All you'll need to do is spend time together, play together, have some funny moments together.  The moments captured in those photographs will be real and that will have a priceless value to the entire family, down the road.  

2. Your Children Will See What Their Childhood Was Like

As time passes, we tend to forget the small details of our past.  Documentary family photography gains value as your children get older.  It will be a time machine that will transport them to the way they sat on moms lap while she tied their shoes before kindergarten, every morning.  It will give them a chance to see themselves playing with their favourite childhood toy.  These are moments our hearts ache for as adults and now there's a chance to keep them forever.

3.  You Will See Your Relationship in a New Way

Photographs taken during a documentary family session will be very different from the traditional portraits you may be used to.  This will be a chance to see your family from all angles.  It will be a chance to appreciate how hard parents work, daily, to provide their young ones with all the joys and comforts possible.  It will give you the opportunity to see your family the way others see you.  You will appreciate the love you share from a 3rd party perspective.

4.  The Day Will Be Authentic

Often times, when we sign on for a photography session, we visit a studio or go outdoors.  With documentary family sessions, your session will be in your place of comfort: your home.  It may seem intimidating to think you have to make your home perfect and spotless but that's not the case.  A home that's lived in is beautiful.  It's the place where you and your children feel most comfortable.  That makes your home the perfect place to allow your personalities to shine.  The aim of these sessions is to photograph your day in an honest way.  Over the years, a lot may change about the family.  You may upgrade your first family home where your children lived as infants, beloved family pets might cross the rainbow bridge and your children will continue to grow up.  The memories that will hold that special place in your heart will be made in places that are comfortable to your family.  They won't be the ones photographed on a studio backdrop.  

5.  Family Photographs Boost Children's Self-Esteem

My previous blog post covers this subject in more detail.  As well, there are many articles on the subject of photographic therapy.  This is a wonderful chance to remind your child that they are special and they are loved by the people that mean most to them.

6.  This Will Be the Story of Your Family

Can you take your own snapshots on a smartphone?  Absolutely!  And you should as it's important to your family legacy.  Having said that, a photographer will take your day to the next level.  You will have a skillfully lit, well composed story.  It will be a story of a day in your life with all the key characters.  Everyone will be part of the story, including the parent typically hidden behind the other end of the lens.

7. You'll Have Amazing Photographs!

The best part about documentary family photo sessions is that they're worth every penny!  You will not regret giving your family the chance to see who they were at that time in their life.